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Horizontal Cabinet

Introducing my small but exquisite range of 'off the peg' cupboards and lightshades.

Sometimes a bespoke furniture solution isn’t needed, and for those times I have designs that are crafted with the same high level of expertise, accuracy, care and attention as my bespoke furniture.

These designs are also made with the same philosophy of use, sustainability, repairability and care as my bespoke furniture.

All of my 'off the shelf' designs are made with sustainable materials, just like my bespoke furniture.

I also offer some of my designs in kit form for ease of use, making it even more convenient for you to add beautiful and functional furniture to your space.

If you see something that ‘almost fits’ but not quite, it may be possible for me to modify the dimensions, colours and finishes of these pieces to suit your needs. Think of it as part way between bespoke and ‘off the peg’.

The latest images and work from the Mmh-furniture workshop...

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