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12 petal lampshade
Custom finish


Our Spring lightshades are designed to help bring the outside in with the benefits that gives you. When the light is on they cast natural contours whilst allowing light to radiate below.

Our custom painted lampshades offer a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a preferred manufacturer color, a color code, or simply a color name, we can work with you to provide a shade that perfectly matches your vision. All lightshades are shipped as easy-to-assemble kits, not only to minimise postage costs but also to ensure the light shade arrives intact and undamaged.

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The shadows created are designed to mimic natural shapes, forms and patterns, bringing a playful sense of nature and the natural environment to interiors. When the light is off the shade continues its biophilic benefits with shapes that imitate spring flowers and opening buds.


Every shade is made from natural FSC certified European grown birch plywood. They are designed to be sustainable, to last a lifetime.

They are re-finishable, so if your decor changes so can the shade. Each component is available as a spare part allowing colour changes and is replaceable in case of damage.


They are available in a series of finishes: raw unfinished, a natural beeswax coating and as a series of coloured petals using environmentally friendly water-based paints. Each shade is made in the Mmh Furniture workshop in Yorkshire, England.


lightshade top diagram lightshade top diagram
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